Everybody has something to say regarding 5G. 5G or Fifth Generation is the newest Tech in Town. In this post I would be busting one of the most asked questions about 5G, “Is 5G safe for Mankind?”.

5G uses enhanced MIMO technology with a theoretical bandwidth of 10 Gbps.

Reading this post I already assume you know How Cell Phones Work.


Ionizing Energy is High energy radiation given off by radioactive materials. Ionizing Energy has a lot of energy more than Energy from Low Energy Radiation like Radio Waves, Microwaves and Infrared.

Ionizing Radiation has the potential for interacting with potential Atoms and Molecules. An Atom is made up of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons. These Electrons revolve around the Nucleus and may be unstable.

For simplicity, we just simply refer to Ionizing radiation as Radiation.

If Radiation hits the cells of your body it can damage or even kill the cells in your body. This empaired cells can no longer multiply. The amount of energy a person receives from this Radiation is called a Radiation Dose. At high doses when more cells of the body are exposed to this Radiation, enough cells die and this can lead to Cancer. At low doses, the cells can repair these Cell deaths, but if the cells do not repair correctly, there are higher risks of Cancer. Let’s take a look again at the Electromagnetic Wave (EM) Spectrum

At the Right we have Non-Ionizing Radiation and to our Left we have Ionizing Radiation : Ultra Violet (UV) Light, X Rays, Gamma Rays. 

It should be noted that the operating frequency for 5G depends on the country but it is usually from 400 Megahertzs(109)  to 90 GigaHertzs (1012).  

From the Figures below it can be clearly seen that 5G uses the Microwave/ IR frequency spectrum of the EM Spectrum and hence 5G is Non-Ionizing in nature and not dangerous.

The Skin is the largest Organ in the Human body. It acts as a barrier to the Internal organs.

5G doesn’t have enough energy required to penetrate the Skin and cause damage.

5G would use initially 4G wavelengths.


2) 5G would have Multiple Antennas and hence would cause more damage

Yes, 5G would use many antennas, but all these antennas would emit little or the same frequencies that our Skin cells are immuned to. The Frequency bands used in 5G isn’t new, those are the same Frequencies being used in Airports scanners, and even the Microwave Ovens in our Kitchen use these Millimetre Energy frequency.

3) 5G is a Mind Control Experiment

For every technology, it has it’s good and bad sides. We have been using Mobile phones now for the past 20 years. During that time, we changed from 1G Analog phones to Sophisticated 4G phones and right now, we are gradually rolling out into 5G. The negative effects of 5G would how ever be the negative effects of Applications and how others use this Technology.  Social Media does have it’s effects on Mental Health.

Benefits of 5g

5G would promote the concept of Internet of things. Am more interested in this concept because my University Thesis was based on Sms of Things (SoT), and they both happen to be highly related. 

This IoT would:

  • Enable Driverless cars.
  • Boost the concept of Smart Homes
  • Wide-scale adoption of IP Version 6 (IPV6).
  • Increased Bandwidths and hence improvements implementation of Real-time Applications like online Gaming example Google Stadia.


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