What is a Scam?

A Scam or confidence trick is an attempt to defraud persons or a group of persons by gaining their confidence and trust. There are many types of Scams such as:

  • Phishing or Email Scams
  • Romance Scams
  • Greeting Card Scams
  • Pet Scams
  • Bank Loan Scams
  • Job Scams
  • Facebook Messenger Scams

In this article, we would talk about Facebook Messenger Scams.



How it happens

This Scammer, first of all, Hacks a victim’s phone. They target mostly ladies who usually have large numbers of followers on Facebook. Let’s assume the Facebook Account of Petra Ngonde was Hacked. After Hacking into the Victim’s account, the Scammer now does the following:

  • Contact Persons he/she thinks are Abroad. In this case, the Scammer fabricates an Emotional story as such: “Hello Johnson, I am Petra’s Junior Sister, Petra is in a critical medical condition, would you mind helping me 57,000FCFA ($100)  for her hospital bills?”
  • If the Scammed victim is in the same country as the Scammer, the Scammer now uses a different tactic. He/She now asks for small amounts of money, that he/she thinks the victim would give without asking so many questions.  They might fabricate stories such as: “Hello Vincent, How are you? Please can you do me a favour? I am currently stuck in a faraway region and I really want to return back to my Home town. Please can you borrow me 10,000 FCFA ($20) for my transportation? Immediately am Back I would refund your money”

How to Protect Yourself from Facebook Messenger Scams?

Facebook already has in place  various mechanisms that prevent scamming on its platform such as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), users usually make the following Mistakes:

  • Click on Fake Stories containing Spammed Links on Facebook.
  • Create weak and easy to guess passwords.
  • Fail to activate 2FA login on their Facebook accounts for login on unknown devices.

The best thing to do when creating a Facebook account is to create a difficult to Hack Password. You can as well use tools such as Powerful Random Password Generator. It’s advisable to create your Facebook account on Google Chrome since it has the option to remember passwords for you on Multiple other devices.


Things to watch out for

  • Someone you’ve not spoken to in a long time suddenly asks you for money on Facebook.
  • Someone claiming to be your Relative or a Friend in an Emergency situation.

The best thing to do when you encounter a  Facebook Messenger Scam is for you to:

  • Insist on the Scammer to do a Video Call for you to confirm his/her Identity.
  • If the Scammer asks you to send the money via Mobile Money, it should be with an account that is directly linked with Petra.

If you do have any worries, feel free to Contact US.