Hello, welcome to this New Amazing Series of Cluck Clank with our Amazing Guest (Mr. Bproo),  today we would be talking about his adventures with Bproo.

This is the very First Episode in our interesting series called “Meet the Innovators”. 

Please Can You Tell Us who is Mr. Bproo?

I am Kamdjou Marie Duplex, from the Western Region of Cameroon. I happen to be a Software Engineer, I am based in Douala. I started the concept for bproo since 2018.

Kamjou Duplex from bproo.com

Can you tell us How you ended up being a Software Engineer?

Before I begin I would like to give a shout-out to my Friends Teyou Toure, Arnold Chuenffo, Larry Akah, and many others. After the Baccalaureate (GCE Advanced Levels), I really wanted to get a Bachelor’s Degree or a Diploma in Architectural Engineering in Douala, Cameroon, but the family wasn’t able to afford for that type of Education since it was private and Expensive, so I had to change my plans. So I definitely got to the University of Dschang which is a Government University. I was doing Physics to prepare for Public Entrance Exams (Concurs) into ENSET of Douala and ENSET of Bambili. I was later on introduced to The Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET), the University of Buea by one of my relatives, of whom am so grateful to this day. I, later on, spent 5 Years in FET, Buea, repeating the 1st year due to the  Language barrier (It should be noted that the University of Buea is one of the two Anglo-Saxon Universities in Cameroon, Duplex was from a purely French background).

What were some of the difficulties you had before creating the platform bproo?

You know as a young programmer you usually get so many gigs like how you can make a lot of money online by creating a blog. I started with the Blog from Google (blogger.com), but I didn’t really like the customization options available, I then, later on, switched to WordPress, but I was limited to how much I could control the site. I then decided to go hands-on with the coding. Financially you know back then as a young programmer, I had financial constraints. I had to buy Domain names and Hosting while working on my concept.  I started switching Technologies like Angular, Firebase, and I later on discovered due to SEO, I had to focus more on the Backend design.


So why did you choose the name bproo?

 Initially I wanted to create a platform for share tough professional content, I then came across an article for a Job, that was asking for good professions. I then thought to write strong professional content to back my claims. I then thought of the name bepro, but the domain name wasn’t available at the moment, I then narrowed down to the name bproo.

The bproo website

So how is content Moderated on the site?

Registration on the site is free, but as we all know it Humans need to be disciplined from time to time. Everyone can create content on bproo, but they have to follow certain guidelines or hence they would be flagged, and hence banned from the bproo network after receiving a written warning from me.

What are your future plans for bproo?

I think it’s very difficult to succeed when it comes to Digital products in Cameroon. My niche market is out of Cameroon. Most of my visitors are out of Cameroon (India and the USA especially). I may get back to Cameroon sometime in the future. 

My main focus is to have people writing content on bproo. From there I can now sell some packages on the site.

I also aim to create some professional tech tips, Tutorials in the French language, since most tech-related stuff is in the English Language.

So What can you say about Cluck Clank?

Personally I like the way you hustle, your contents are so professional. You place a lot of emphasis on professionalism and Innovation. Am a regular reader of your blogs and a Huge fan, thanks for reaching out to us.

You can contact the Bproo Team for more information. Or you can get in touch with Kamdjou Duplex directly on Linkedin