Welcome to Episode 2, of Meet the Innovators, Today we would be talking with Electrical Engineering Wizard trying to do the unimaginable. 

Innovator Emeka Nelson

Could You Please tell us some of the innovations you did in the past?

I did Machine Mgbanwe C12a in 2018, that converts Hydrocarbon related wastes like Plastic, Nylon, Water Proof into products such as Petrol, Kerosene, Deisel, Tiles, Roofing Sheets.

Machine Developed by Emeka Nelson

I also did a portable Hydro-Electric Generator (image above).

Could You tell us some of the difficulties you faced before carrying out your innovations?

I would say the most crucial aspect has been the lack of funding. Before you should be able to develop things, funding should be there. And also the enviroment we grow is somehow Harsh, you can’t just concerntrate on what you do 100%. You have to try to develop things alone. So you just have to balance it, it was only when I was small that I can say I can devout 95% of my time. But now I would have to balance myself, between Work (to have the necessary funds) and my Quest for Innovation. And it has not been that easy. And as you know our Governments aren’t that supportive, well that’s the environment we find ourselves, maybe we can change it someday. We have been coping anyway, it has not been easy, but God always has a way of doing things.

So Talking about the Portable Hydro-Electric Generator is it under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes, it is actually patented and protected here in Nigeria, 

Could you tell Us, How you came up with the idea?

Well, the idea has been as old as me, right from Elementary school I have been fascinated by Electricity. Working on it started from my Elementary (Primary 4). I have always thought of doing something remarkable. It has not been easy, there are times I get frustrated and stop, then I start doing it all over again. The system is not yet perfect, but I believe we are heading towards perfection. I have several Models of the Portable Power Generator.

So How does it functions, cuz we all know the energy density of water isn’t that much?

It’s not a combustion engine, I would say the principle we have behind it is just like a Micro Hydro-Electric Dam. The whole Efficiency lies with the Turbines. The Physics behind it, so many people still doubt if it works, but as a Kid what I believe is that everything is possible. Afterall even the Mobile phone we have today, nobody believed it could work. The Physics behind it is the same as what we have in the massive Dams.

Hydro Electric Dam concept

With the Technologies we have today, we do have effective Turbines, which can maximize the Power Output Efficiency. In addition to this, we have a pump and some other kinds of stuff.

So What are your Future Plans for the Portable Hydro Project, Do you intend to do Large Scale?

The End point of it , is to take it to a large scale, but as it stands now, I still believe there are things to be done on it (Fine-tuning), before we think of taking it to a large scale.

So What’s the Power Efficiency of your Device?

For now I can give it 70% Efficiency (Power Efficiency is the Comparison between the Output Power with regards to the power input into the system)

So Do you have like a Company or How can Investors contact you?

Yeah, I have a company, Orange Genelectric Limited, it’s still a new company, it has been up to like 2 years now. We are actually looking at harnessing talents with people like me. I have form teams with schools, most of them are actually kids, but we want to focus on Renewal Energy.

Partners and Investors are highly welcomed to our Company.

Interview Comments (From Cluck Clank Team)

We actually had a great Time with Mr. Emeka Nelson, He was so down to Earth and the Joy he had to explain was surprising to us. We conducted the Interview in the evening when he came back from Work, but he still had the Strength for the Interview. This Guy would go places for sure, he has the passion for what he is doing.

You can check out Emeka Nelson from his Linkedin Account.