From doing Geography in the University of Buea to winning the Presidential award for the best Project in 2017/2018 to owning a Multinational Tracking company in Limbe, Cameroon, Zuoix, to Featuring in BBC Business Editorials today we’ll be interviewing The CEO and Founder of Zuoix, Bruno Zuo.

Bruno Zuo, CEO and Founder of Zuoix

Zuo Bruno is the founder and CEO of Zuoix (An Offensive Information Security Company based in Limbe, Cameroon). 

He is also the founder and current President of Africa’s Information Security Conference (AISCON). Founder and Promoter of sOT (SMS Of Things) which allows for unsmart devices to be interconnected over SMS. Ethical Hacker and innovator.

For all his works, Zuo Bruno is best known for his SMS based car tracking solution that he created in 2017 after the internet was disconnected from his home town and which has won him Africawide recognition. Zuo Bruno Has been featured media across Africa

2) Can you tell us about Zuoix (How you came up with the idea, and how you do operate, basically a brief History)?

Zuoix was born in 2009 with the name Mobile Information Network (MIN). After about 2 years of operation, MIN failed and was followed by a period of silence. In 2012, I returned to Cameroon where I started working on Zuoix which was incorporated in 2014. The basic idea behind Zuoix is to create security-based services for the startups that were growing at the silicon mountain eco-system. it did not take long for me to realize that security as a service was not the main problem at the time, so we started focusing on building security-based applications such as ZOOMED – The SMS based car tracking system.

3) What’s it like on your Day to Day Activity at Zuoix?

My Day starts at 5 AM, I take a short run to clear my head and help me keep fit. At 6 AM I take my bath while listening to the news and then some music, by 7 AM I am drawing up my daily calendar and cross-checking that with my weekly and monthly calendar. I try to make my calendar as detailed as possible, sometimes including visits, meals, etc. By 7:30 – 7:45 AM, I am at the office and work starts at this time. I have a 30 Minutes break from midday to 12:30 PM. Sometimes I am fortunate to close at the office at 7 PM, some other times I am not that fortunate (such times I might close at 9 pm or 11 pm). I try to fall asleep as soon as I climb on the bed. and start it all over again the next day. Thursdays and week-ends are very relaxed for me. So I take out these days to recharge.

4) What is the Secret behind Zuoix?

I think the secret behind Zuoix is the team. We have a strong bond and have come to rely on each other, we are basically one body with many parts. I get a lot of energy when I talk with my team both home and remote. Each Win is a team effort and this helps me a lot to keep going. This did not come easy though.

5) What are some of the challenges you face with the running of your business over the years?

My biggest challenge has been staying focus on a single project. Because we do so many projects at the same time, it is a bit hard to keep track of all the projects. One problem I particularly faced and took a long time to solve was the employment of the right team and keeping them motivated. But once that was solved I could really enjoy my job as an entrepreneur.

Making my clients pay on time for the services we offer have also been a problem for some time. It is not like our clients did not want to pay us on time, sometimes it was just the payment process being cumbersome both for us and for them.

As you know, all startups (Including Zuoix) have the problem of money, each new idea or project needs a lot of investments into it to work and come out in a way that will attract potential clients. This has been a constant problem but we are making sure that this does not stop us either.

6) What are the challenges of being an Entrepreneur?

Oh, there are many challenges to being an entrepreneur. Some you will overcome and come you just have to live with. I can list a few if you permit me

  • Few hours of sleep
  • Always thinking and worrying about stuff
  • Always on the move, never steady
  • You will lose family time and contact
  • You will lose at least 85% of your current friends
  • You will be lonely most of the times
  • You will have to learn to motivate yourself
  • You will be envied and you will envy many

You might be fortunate not to witness some of the above, but rest assured that being an entrepreneur is a daring path to take. However, to me, the advantages far outweigh all these setbacks.

7) What Future Plans do you have for Zuoix?

My dream is for Zuoix to expand across Africa and for all its projects such as ZOOMED to be independent companies in the future and offer more employment opportunities to young Africans. One of my other dreams is to see Zuoix become a legacy.

8) What Advise can you give to Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

I would like to tell all aspiring young entrepreneurs that the world owes them nothing and that they should take the risk, stop the procrastination and go out there right now (not today) but right now, and show the world that wonderful idea they have been working on which can literally change the world as we know it.

Take all opportunities, attend all conferences, push yourself to the limit, take those calls, make those calls, make no excuse, smile while suffering, do it not because you have to, do it because someone somewhere needs your solution for his / her life to be better. Do it for yourself, and do it for us.

9) What can you say about our Blogging Platform CluckClank?

Apart from being a great platform for entrepreneurs to come and read and get valuable information, it is also a wonderful and great platform for other information as well. The last time I checked the platform I got great information on workouts routine.

You can prevent your Car today from Car Theft at just 500 Frs ($0.8) a day or 15,000 frs ($28) a Month only at Zuoix. Make sure you follow them on Facebook.