As they always say, Two Heads are better than one, today’s Guest is going to enlighten us on how he helps other Businesses across Africa to achieve their potential.


I love money. I’ve always loved making, counting, saving, investing, & playing around with money.

As a child, I found this love as I watched & helped my mom run multiple businesses to support what my dad provided; my dad never loved the idea of us hawking in the streets of Limbe but my brothers & I did it anyway, for the money.
We were a very intelligent & renowned family (we were always top 3 in class) yet we put aside the glory for survival.

I’ve tried looking for love by working & volunteering in a few industries but none offered me freedom. I’ve been in entertainment, maritime, construction, media/advertising, sponsorships, investment, accounting, digital marketing, & charities.

I’m happier as a venture builder because I have the freedom to attract, make, save & invest money on the things I like & with the people I like


I started my first company in 2015 which failed horribly because we ran out of cash. After creating & failing at many startups for the same reason I vowed to fix the funding problem for the numerous ideas I plan to launch in my country.

After much consultation & thought, I concluded the ideal model for me is the startup/venture studio model. There is a huge pool of capital in Cameroon but very few players mobilizing them to startups/enterprises (about $7 billion was available in Cameron in 2019)… I decided to become one of such players & incorporated AMLEVEN HOLDING LLC in 2019.

AMLEVENS is a startup studio; a business that creates startups & launch them either through internal and/or external funding.
We’re usually mistaken for an incubator but we’re not; we hustle to have the human & financial capital to build anything we brainstorm in a shorter period than the average entrepreneur or incubator.
AMLEVENS equally scouts for local & foreign investors looking for opportunities in Cameroon.

I would like to see us mobilize significant proportion of available funds in years to come & welcome more players as well.

3) How do you select the businesses you invest into?

As a young & struggling entrepreneur, I keep away from very congested spaces & fierce competition because I might lose such battles. I only invest in what’s uncommon in an existing market or location – what’s new & can make money for a long time.

4) What is the secret behind AMLEVENS HOLDINGS?

I don’t believe there is any secret behind AMLEVENS; I tweet everything (laughs).
If you’re asking about the secret ingredient to our soup, it won’t be secret anymore if I share here.

5) What are some of the challenges you face with the running of your business over the years?

Access to funds!! I’ve killed some very good projects & opportunities because we have no access to the required capital.

I’ve been tackling this particular challenge by running some schemes to build & prepare our very own investors just like we build & prepare our startups – from scratch.

6) What are the challenges being a venturepreneur?

Firstly, I labeled myself ‘venturepreneur’ to identify as a venture builder & entrepreneur. I never really imagined some of the challenges that come with such path.

I really wish to spend more time with my [extended] family but becoming a little famous as a venture builder means less free time; the more businesses you create & launch, the more businesses you become responsible for.

7) What future plans do you have for AMLEVENS HOLDINGS?

By God’s grace & in God’s time, we would have AMLEVENS CAPITAL for Cameroonian startups. I would love to see $20-100k pre-seed & seed funding become normal in Cameroon.

However, AMLEVENS STUDIO is launching about 5 startups in 2021& I would appreciate your support if you’re hoping AMLEVENS CAPITAL becomes a reality sooner. We have been working on projects in health-tech, legal-tech, hospitality, home services & manufacturing.

8) What advise can you give to young aspiring entrepreneurs

Always be the smartest in the room & if you realize you’re not, move closer to the smarter.

9) What can you say about our Blogging Platform CluckClank?

I’m grateful to CluckClank for this opportunity.
I just recently discovered your blog & I was so impressed by the content that I signed up for the newsletter the same day.
I’m definitely adding you to the media list for AMLEVENS.

You can connect with Mr Eyome on Twitter to know more about his exciting Journey, and why not benefit from his amazing Services.